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Vagus Nerve Glow Spray

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More than 2,000 years ago, ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, China, and various other parts of the world, used essential oils to prevent illness, cure disease, and promote overall-wellbeing. 

Essential oils have a unique molecular weight that allow them to quickly enter the bloodstream.

Today, SEASEA utilizes the powerful abundance of the finest quality essential oils in their formulations. 

The Soma Collection by SEASEA introduces the Vagus Nerve Glow Spray, a natural and organic blend of calming, clarifying, and soothing essential oils. 

Activating, stimulating, and supporting the vagus nerve’s regulation and function is critical in order to help the body’s systems remain healthy. Namely the parasympathetic nervous system. Among many other critical roles, a healthy vagus nerve helps to repair, soothe, and aid in the body’s release of toxins and stress. 

Lavender promotes relaxation, reducing stress, stimulating and supporting the vagus nerve’s regulation. 

Tea Tree offers immune support with its natural antimicrobial properties. 

Clary Sage boasts natural antidepressant properties, reduces feelings of anxiety, and supports an overall sense of calm. 

Basil has been known to alleviate nausea, promote clarity and renewal, enhance mood, and thwart anxiety. 

THE RITUAL: Shake well. Hold bottle 10-12 inches from face and spray directly onto skin to use also as a toner and/or energy cleanser. We love using it on our silk pillowcases, too!