The Water Recipes We Are LOVING For The End Of Summer

The Water Recipes We Are LOVING For The End Of Summer

Hi SEASEA Beauties!

Before we dive in, a TIP: To achieve a delicious infused water (while reaping all the benefits of the ingredients), try allowing your ingredients to infuse for at least two hours, or overnight!

*I love to muddle my ingredients to help release the natural oils and flavors.

If you're not familiar with the technique, muddling is the act of using a muddler to literally "muddle", mash, and agitate fruits, herbs, or spices in order to release their flavor. 

Now without further ado, here are the infused water recipes you need to add to your vibe:

Cucumber Mint Water Recipe Card: Just add a few sprigs of mint and fresh cucumber!

CUCUMBER MINT Water - A classic, cooling, and incredibly hydrating infusion.

Cucumber helps to keep you hydrated while delivering antioxidants (hello aging-backwards), supporting your healthy skin glow, and even aiding in weight-loss.

Mint helps to soothe the gut, aiding in digestion while alleviating symptoms of indigestion. 

RECIPE - Add a few sprigs of mint (literally add until spirit tells you to stop) and slices of fresh cucumber to water. Don’t you love how simple we kept this? 

Strawberry, mint, and lemon water! Add a few sprigs of fresh mint, 2-3 strawberries, and fresh squeezed lemon juice!

STRAWBERRY, MINT, & LEMON Water - One of our favorite combinations, and we think you'll agree! These powerhouse ingredients have much to offer.

Lemon helps you stay hydrated, prevents oxidation (it's anti-aging), prevents kidney stones, gives you a potassium boost, aids in digestion-- honestly the list is endless. We love lemon.

Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C, and they reduce inflammation! They also help to flush out toxins and improve your skin tone, so don't be afraid to eat them when your water is gone.

As for mint- you've already learned some of what makes mint such a wonderful ingredient, but did you also know that mint has antibacterial properties? We love it for aiding in ridding of acne.

RECIPE - Add 2-3 (or more) whole or sliced fresh strawberries to water with lemon (whole or fresh-squeezed juice, we like both), and sprigs of mint! Voila!


Elderberry, blueberry, basil water. 
ELDERBERRY, BLUEBERRY, & BASIL Water - It’s elderberry season! We love the health benefits these berries bring, so it only makes sense that they are added to this infused water recipe.

Elderberry is helpful for balancing out excess oils, preventing breakouts, calming and reducing swelling in the skin, and strengthening your immune system!

Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants, and they support your skin’s ability to fight inflammation caused by eczema, psoriasis, acne, and premature aging!

Basil also helps to prevent acne, and it also contains natural oils that are great for clearing pores! *I actually have firsthand experience with this. Basil is an incredible herb! 

Tell Alexa to play ‘vaya con dios’ by Kali Uchis, put on a pair of your favorite sunglasses, and sway in the summer sun, infused water in hand. Let us know if you try any of these infusions! 

Stay in the glow,


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