SUGAR: Is It Good For Your Skin?

SUGAR: Is It Good For Your Skin?

Sugar gets a bad reputation. Le sigh. And for what? It’s time to unravel some of the benefits sugar has for your skin. 

We use sugar to celebrate special moments and milestones in our lives, even praising it when it’s presented beautifully.

In its most natural form, I have wonderful memories of sugar. My family used to get sugarcane imported from the islands, and my mom would chop it up for us to chew on the stalk. The fibrous flesh was so juicy, and (as my mom would remind us) great for your teeth! 

It’s easy to forget the positive power of sugar, however, when it has been so misused. And even more so, when excessive sugar intake leads to hormonal imbalances (acne) and weight gain. 

Brown sugar— the beautiful, rich, and gentle exfoliant, makes a wonderful buffer for the skin. It has anti—bacterial properties, making it a perfect warrior for defending the skin against harmful toxins. 

Naturally, it is comprised of glycolic acid, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells. As it gently sloughs off dead skin, new, glowing skin makes its way. 

When used as an exfoliant, brown sugar also helps to regulate the skin’s oil secretion, stimulate the lymphatic system to help detox the lymph nodes (and in turn boosting cellular health), maintain collagen and elasticity, and help treat dark spots! 

As a young mama years ago (nearly over a decade ago—wow!) brown sugar was a staple in my early skincare formulations. It’s just that good!

I love sharing my knowledge, education, experience, and expertise with you all here! This is starting to be a sweet little corner of my universe, no pun intended! 


So, tell me, is sugar really bad for you?! 😆

🤎 Stay glowy,



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