How Giving In To Your Fear Of Disconnecting Is Anti-aging

How Giving In To Your Fear Of Disconnecting Is Anti-aging

Nomophobia is a smartphone addiction. It’s when a person literally cannot live without being glued to their phone. A nomophobic will experience great fear and anxiety surrounding the thought of losing their mobile phone connectivity. 

It’s understandable to be attached to your phone in a world where so many people rely on technology for work and/or to keep in touch with loved ones who live far away.

However you use it, balance is king. 

In order to maintain a sense of total wellness and empower you live it out, we think it’s important to raise awareness so you can keep cognizant of how excessive cellphone usage impacts the health of our largest organ: the skin! 

Especially if you’re wanting to age—backwards, are health—conscious, and/or just like having the knowledge to do better. 

Here’s why we encourage reducing your screen-time, and what you can do to have a healthy relationship with your cellphone: 

It’s bacteria city. In a 2017 article featured in TIME Magazine, it was stated that over “17,000 bacterial gene copies” were found on the phones of high-schoolers (and they aren’t even as active as adults).

Studies at University of Arizona have shown that cellphones are 10x dirtier than most toilet seats. Can you imagine what today’s studies would reveal? I mean, we are living in a pandemic! 

If you like to brunch with the girls, catch a beverage with your favorite person, or enjoy a date night out, chances are your phone has rested on a bar or a table. Maybe you’re even more daring and have rested it on a toilet paper roll while you use the restroom. Standing in line? Chances are your phone is close to those chatting around you, and their germs are landing on your phone. Or maybe you’ve set it on the seat beside you while you’re in an Uber. 

The point is, your cellphone is a breeding ground for bacteria. And because it’s generally warm with how much it’s used, it encourages bacterial growth.

Your phone is constantly in contact with your hands and face— and especially close to your mouth.

If you use your phone in bed, next to your pillow where you rest your head, take a little extra care in laundering your bedding. It’s a good idea to change your bedding at least once a week. 

Take extra measures to wipe down your laptop and desktop keyboards, and be mindful of where you rest your cheek! Speakerphone is an unsung hero if you can help it. 


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