Egyptian Queen Skin: The Royal Skin Treatment For Those Who Waste Not

Egyptian Queen Skin: The Royal Skin Treatment For Those Who Waste Not

Hi Beauty!


This skincare tip is not suitable for vegans or those who are lactose intolerant, but if you like to be educated and know someone who isn't those things, feel free to read on!

Ever since Elizabeth Taylor starred in the 1963 Cleopatra, I have had more of a clearer vision of how beautiful Cleopatra could have been IRL. I mean, Liz totally gave life to the glamour depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

My admiration of the (real) Cleopatra only deepened the more I studied her, and especially her beauty rituals. 

For instance, did you know that instead of discarding milk after it's no longer drinkable, Cleopatra would add the sour milk to her bath water?!

I am sure you're wondering why, and that's perfectly valid, because you're probably thinking, "Who wants anything to do with rancid milk?"

To which I proudly reply, "I do!"

Here's why:

Lactic acid is found in spoiled milk. This is a natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that works on the skin to improve texture, soothe, reduce hyperpigmentation, reduce scars, and (you'll love this one) diminish fine lines! 

I say Cleopatra was a brilliant woman, and way ahead of her time. 

When I began practicing this beauty secret of hers, I was in high school. I'd have my mom save whatever was left in the milk gallon when the expiry date hit. It was always exciting to me when the milk had been barely touched (we were fickle cereal eaters) and I could use nearly a full gallon in my bath. 

Let's just say I've been skincare obsessed for as long as I can remember, and this tip was too good to keep to myself. More to come! 


Stay in the glow,

xx Adriann 


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